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PsychNet-UK wishes to salute many of the Mental health Charities undertakeing demanding counselling roles for the benefit of the population.

In this section we aim to identify a Mental health site worthy of particular mention.

If you have a favourite charity, working within the mental health field, please let us know and we will consider featuring it on PsychNet-UK.

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Too many people have poorer mental health because of discrimination, exclusion, poverty and racism. It's time for action.


Centre for Mental Health is a charity with over 30 years’ experience in providing life changing researcheconomic analysis and policy influence in mental health. Over the last decade, our work has expanded to include physical health, wellbeing, inequality and multiple disadvantage across the life course. We are international thought leaders contributing to innovation and groundbreaking health and social change. By disentangling complex experiences and finding big ideas that can be shared, we have developed a reputation as the people who make sense and can provide evidence that helps and makes a difference in real time and in real life.
Telephone: 020 3927 29

Web Link: Centre for Mental Health